Investigation on Fascism Investigation on Fascism Investigation on Fascism
Investigation on Fascism Investigation on Fascism Investigation on Fascism

Part 3

These past two months, we gathered interviews and testimonies from direct victims and witnesses of the Camila-gate. This story opposed three members of the Association for Justice, F, G and N, to M (the pen name of two joint artists: b and m), who had written a violent indictment against all the victims the Association for Justice was protecting.

We all know the rest of the story. While m was unreachable because leaving abroad, F, G and N, together with a few unnamed supporters of the Association for Justice, paid a courtesy visit to b to settle the dispute in a face to face conversation rather than through messages. b got defensive, then aggressive, and eventually violent. The supporters tried to calm him down, but b got so out of control that he hurt himself accidentally and died at the hospital less than an hour later. This event put a lot of media attention on the Association for Justice that was able to use it to convince the people of the importance and urgency of their fights. Following popular demand and a just revolution, national power was peacefully handed over to them. Because of the inexplicable disappearance of its original chairpeople, F, G and N were unanimously elected as new chairpeople of the freshly created Free Republic of Justice (FRJ). Victimhood virtually disappeared from the FRJ, which was therefore declared an ‘oppression-free territory’. Oppressor attitudes and rhetoric were officially banned. The FRJ published two clear and detailed guidelines for the population: 1) How to be a worthy ally, for former and/or possible oppressors, explaining how to behave in the presence of victims and how to prevent any form of oppression; and 2) Multiple-category victimhood: a guide to claiming the attention you deserve, for victims to be able to identify the oppressions they suffer from and calculate their cumulative layers of oppression by ticking boxes with a very well designed, simplified and up-to-date victimhood table. In the rare cases where these guidelines would not be enough to categorise a citizen as either an oppressor or a victim, an independent counselor (highly trained and appointed by the FRJ) can study a citizen file for as much as one whole hour before delivering an informed and personalised verdict. The FRJ also offers to foreign countries expertises in oppression-tackling strategies by its best specialists. The methods they have developed proved to work universally and no local culture or particularity have ever faulted their knowledge.

Back to the Camila-gate, it has been proven that the anonymous smuggled man’s, K’s, and C’s testimonies were lies (read part 2 of Glory). These three people have been sent to a voluntary activism workshop for a duration of fifteen years in order to better serve the causes of the FRJ. B’s testimony has been proven to be unreliable, given her social and national origins, and has therefore been dismissed. P has spontaneously accepted her mistakes. She understood that the FRJ was representing the voices for all the victims and that any other opinion, as important and interesting as it could be, would never be as informed and universal as the FRJ’s guidelines. P is now a happy member of the FRJ administration, as a creative and valuable collaborator of the Awareness Through Culture department (ATC). As for m, the authorities of her country eventually showed she was at the crossroad of diverse illegal businesses shortly after a cultural and economical agreement was signed between our two nations. She was arrested, and, in spite of her country’s unethical tolerance for hate speeches, she is now out of harm’s way.

This story, once again, shows that Justice can prevail, against all odds, private interests and timeless oppression. As a matter of fact, the fight for Justice always pays off when its fighters know no doubt, no rest, no mercy, and do not let their enemies’ crocodile tears fool them.